When Singers Collide…

Hiya there! My blog is covered with cobwebs because I was out of ideas about what I should post on my WordPress. So I came up with an idea that combined some singers and their song titles and made it into a short paragraph. I know, it’s a bit cheesy, but it’s worth a shot!

Maroon 5 was dancing around with the moves like jagger, until 2NE1 showed up and challenged them to have a dance battle, saying that I am the bestKaty Perry was looking for the one that got away, and Michelle Branch told her to go this wayChristina Perri met Gilbert O’Sullivan and said that she would love him for a thousand years, but sadly, he said not in a million years and ran away with The Black Eyed Peas who was racing against the time. Meanwhile, LMFAO was throwing a party next to Coldplay‘s house, who messed up the party and said that they brought nothing but troubleLMFAO finally said that they’re sorry for party rockin’. A few yards away, Bruno Mars gave up being a billionaire and dropped a grenade next to Taylor Swift who was sleeping with her eyes openEvanescence hide in a haunted mansion, Jessie J was trying to pull the price tag off her shirt while running away, Joe Brooks flew up in the air like Superman, and Nicki Minaj was trapped in her car with a stupid hoe. After the explosion, Usher jumped up high and shouted yeah!, while Alanis Morisette said I remain. Rihanna had a trauma after the explosion, so she was running around asking ‘what’s my name?’.

It’s not that bad isn’t it? I hope so. Anyway, stay tuned for more posts coz I’m gonna fill this baby up with more posts and posts and posts…oh yeah…

See ya, fellas! Remember, stay tuned…


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