Skeeter felt hopeless. Never in her life, she thought about hating that boy. Never. But right now, she was craving for hatred. 

“Hey, mom,” she called her mother. 

“Oh, hi, sweetie. What is it?” the sweet voice of her mother answered. 

“Umm…I was wondering if you could me up from school. Like, pronto.”

Skeeter could feel her mother hesitate over the phone. “Uh, darling, I’m afraid I can’t. The car’s getting repaired, so-“

“It’s okay,” said Skeeter. She changed her mind about getting picked up by her mother. “I’ll just take the bus.” 

“Are you sure, dear?” asked her mom. “It’s getting dark, you know.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be home in a jiffy.”

And with that, Skeeter closed the phone. 

She took a bus that stopped not far from her home, and sat at the very back of the bus. She hugged her backpack tightly, as if she was afraid it would run away from her. She couldn’t bear it. After what happened earlier…she was sure that she wanted to hate him. But Skeeter just couldn’t do it. She knew she loved him too much. 

Maybe he’s just not that into you, said a tiny voice in her head. Maybe you’re not his type. 

Great, she thought. Thanks a lot. You just made things worse….

As the bus advanced forward, Skeeter remembered what her mother had said whenever she was heartbroken. “You are pretty, you are strong, you are important. Don’t be enslaved by those ignorant men, my dear. You are no match for them.” 

It took all her willpower to restrain the tears she had longed to cry. But it was too painful, she wanted to cry until the sun goes down. She wanted to wash her pain away with tears. 

The sky was dark and gloomy outside. Skeeter watched as raindrops start to fall from the clouds. The cold air crept through the windows of the bus, sending unpleasant chills to Skeeter’s skin. 

“Attention, everyone!” said Charlie Brown to the entire class. “I would like to take a couple of minutes of your time.”

The class fell silent. Everybody was curious when Charlie Brown pulled out a bouquet of flowers out of his locker. He knelt in front of Jean, the star pupil, and said the painful, magic words: “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Jean, whose hair was curled like a princess, happily received the bouquet of flowers and said with a smile: “Of course.”

Skeeter’s head spun. It was the most sickening sight she’d ever seen. She hated Charlie Brown for ‘proposing’ Jean in front of the whole class. She also hated Jean for accepting his bouquet of flowers with a ‘Yes’.

Skeeter was so busy thinking about it, she forgot that the bus was had arrived at her stop.

As soon as she arrived at home, she ran upstairs to her bedroom and threw herself on her bed. She thought about crying, but no. It’ll be the same as admitting defeat to her own feelings. Skeeter hated admitting defeat.

But she eventually lost her battle. She grabbed the nearest pillow and cried on it, letting it all out. By that time, she felt as fragile as a glass sculpture. She no longer considered herself as the young lady her mother had once told her: pretty, strong, important.

Oh, how she would love to wreak vengeance on that cursed douchebag named Charlie Brown. She no longer felt love for him. But she could feel hatred buring inside her heart. After all, it was he who broke Skeeter’s heart to pieces. 

Hold it right there, girl, said a tiny voice. You sure about revenge? It’s not gonna solve anything, you know..

Heck, what do you care?, Skeeter replied to her own mind. You don’t even exist…

Skeeter laid flat on her back, facing the ceiling. Her mind was racing. Is it necessary to make Charlie Brown suffer? Skeeter thought about it again. 

Rain was pouring hard outside. Skeeter’s head still spun. She wanted to wreak vengeance on him, but on the other hand, she couldn’t dare do such a thing. Her two natures collided.

Oh, well, she said to herself. If I can’t make him pay, then let God do it for me….


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